TIBIBIR Member Assn.

Afar Human Rights Organization
Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia
Association of Wolayta and Allies in North America (AWANA)
Border Affairs Committee
Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)
Ethiopian American Council
Ethiopian Dialogue Forum
Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America
Ethiopian Hibret
Ethiopiawinnet: Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights
FirstHijerah Foundation
GashaLe Ethiopia
Global Alliance for the Right of Ethiopians
International Ethiopian Youth Union
One Ethiopia Movement
Solidarity Movement for a new Ethiopia
The Legitimate Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOTC)
United Ethiopian Muslim Movement
United Former Ethiopian Airforce Association
Vision Ethiopia
Visionary Youth Association

TIBIBIR’s Peace and Reconciliation function works to build sustainable peace in Ethiopia and to prevent and resolve conflicts. It is evident that an approach to peacebuilding needs to be based upon just political orders which promotes democracy and human rights, participatory governance structures and civil society.

We monitor conflicts to better understand the histories, underlying causes, primary actors, disputed issues, and dynamics on the ground, as well as efforts being made to resolve these disputes. The committee seeks ways to ease tensions, identify and build consensus around shared goals, strengthen the rule of law, and bring justice to victims.

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