TIBIBIR Member Assn.

Afar Human Rights Organization
Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia
Association of Wolayta and Allies in North America (AWANA)
Border Affairs Committee
Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)
Ethiopian American Council
Ethiopian Dialogue Forum
Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America
Ethiopian Hibret
Ethiopiawinnet: Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights
FirstHijerah Foundation
GashaLe Ethiopia
Global Alliance for the Right of Ethiopians
International Ethiopian Youth Union
One Ethiopia Movement
Solidarity Movement for a new Ethiopia
The Legitimate Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOTC)
United Ethiopian Muslim Movement
United Former Ethiopian Airforce Association
Vision Ethiopia
Visionary Youth Association

TIBIBIR’s Resource Mobilization (RM) function responsibility is for the continued existence, financial self-reliance, and sustainability TIBIBIR. It involves in all activities in securing new and additional resources and making better use of and maximizing the use of existing resources.

RM works to bring sufficient funds to cover an organization’s activities, but its functions are broader than that, it accomplishes three fundamental streams of sustainability: Programmatic Sustainability, Institutional Sustainability, and Financial Sustainability; each is important to the survival of an organization.

RM may use three ways innovatively to raise funds or resources for TIBIBIR:

  1. Accessing financial support from foundations, local resources or bodies is the conventional and most common way of raising funds
  2. Taking up income-generating activities, such as activities which involve selling items at goodwill prices, partnership with other organizations, training programs, and other similar activities.
  3. Making use of resources available to generate funds/ other kind of support: like asking volunteers to raise funds, building and utilizing network and goodwill to raise funds. Social media can play a very important role here.

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