Membership Application Form: Organization

Consortium of Ethiopian Civic Society Organization (TIBIBIR) membership equates an NGO with being legitimate, active, and ethical; hence we follow extensive approval processes. However, once your organization is approved, you join a special family of organizations.


  1. CSOs with strong commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and to a genuinely democratic future for all its diverse population; have written and spoken out about it.
  2. CSOs with vision and mission that adhere to the supremacy of Individual rights and freedom.
  3. CSOs those are independent and not structurally connected to any political party or religious organization.
  4. CSOs that have bylaws and Board of Directors.
  5. CSOs that are incorporated or have taken incorporation measures or even better have acquired 501 © (3) status.
  6. CSOs that believe in the Rule of Law in Ethiopia; have written or have been speaking out or have proven records of advocacy for the rule of law and respect of human rights in Ethiopia.
  7. CSOs that are active in Ethiopian affairs and have significant followers.


  1. Complete this form online and submit or print and complete the form email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via mail to TIBIBIR, 2134 West Highland Ave, Chicago, IL 60659
  2. Submit a copy of a document showing that you are registered in your nation, clearly noting the date of incorporation or registration.

If this is not possible, since situations vary around the world, then you may provide one of the following:

  1. a) A copy of the organization's organizing documents (articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document; or
  2. b) A letter of explanation of why your organization is not registered, along with two or more letters of recommendation to support your case.
  3. c) For US-based organizations, you need only provide your EIN number.
  4. Submit proof of recent activities, such as a copy of a recent brochure or a copy of the most recent annual report. (A website address for your organization will fulfill this requirement as well.)
  5. The application should be authorized by the chairman of the board or the chief executive officer.

Once the completed application is received, there will be an approval process. When you are accepted as a TIBIBIR member, you will receive a membership packet.

To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the documents requested in Numbers 2, 3 above are complete and submitted with the membership application.

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